magic jellybeans

9:17 PM
(Many people have asked me how to put text on a picture. Lucky for you I've done a blog post about it. enjoy.)

Jonathon (my husband) came up with a fun idea...On Easter Eve we told Maddie and Lyndon that we found some "magic" jelly beans that if planted tonight they would grow lollipops by morning. Needless to say, they were so excited to plant their beans...

They even had to water them...

 All done and ready to place them in the moonlight.

And look what they found in the morning!

The kids were thrilled. They couldn't believe the beans worked! Don't you love the small and simple things at this age?

fyi: all of the pictures in this post were ISO 400, 30mm, f/1.8, between 1/400th and 1/640th of a second.


Cammie said...

BRILLIANT!!! We move into a new house on Sat. I will be mailing the magic jelly beans tomorrow so we can plant them our first night in our new home. It will be magical for my baby boys...and maybe help them adjust to their new environment faster.

Joanne Allen said...

Brings new meaning to "suckas"!

(and I only mean this in a fun way)

Love In Everything said...

Oh my goodness! This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing:)

Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

OMG...THAT is AWESOME!!! I can just picture how far you could go..those HUGE lollipops you usually look at the candy store but never imagine eating!

Jason B. Mixon said...

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Makayla Charleston said...

ha ha ha very nice post.
I should do it with my children too.
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