Before's and After's - in the wildflowers

12:45 PM
Along with our Bluebonnet pictures I also got some shots of the kids in the yellow wildflowers that were in the same field. Maddie and Lyndon were pretty much done with the whole "let's take your picture" deal so I got a lot of these kinds of pics (below) before I could get them to cooperate for at least one good one!

After a lot of bribery and threats calm discussion, I was finally able to get something that was worth salvaging. :) At first glance during editing I liked their pose but the composition was off. So let me share with you my entire editing process. Here is what the photo looked like straight out of the camera:

1- When I edit, I basically start with what bugs me the most about the picture. And in this case it was the crop. I didn't like them right int he middle of the frame so I cropped it to a square and moved them to the left third.

2- After that I had this green fuzzy bush in the right of the photo on the horizon line that threw off where my eye was focusing. So, using the spot removal tool I removed that green bush and replaced it with some more yellow flowers.

3- The next step is to bump up the color a bit by increasing the blacks to +13 and the vibrance to +40.

4- And last, I felt it needed a bit of brightening so I increased the brightness to +20.

And here you go...the finished product:

And here are a few more I was able to sneak in as we were finishing up:

Have a happy Monday!!


Kiley said...

I'm a new follower of your blog and love all the photo tips. I've just learned how to use my dslr camera in manual mode and I LOVE it! However, I don't edit my photos except a minor crop here and there using whatever came with my windows photo gallery ;o) . I can see how my pictures would be enhanced with some simple editing! Favorite software recommendations for a newbie?

Meghan said...

I love seeing pictures of your children hugging each other! Glad they are close.

Katie Evans Photography said...

Hi Kiley! I always recommend using Adobe Lightroom--for beginners and everyone!

iCandy Photography and Design said...

Hi Katie! Just found you (I'm from Blackfoot but now live in Alpine, UT) and I'm with everyone else - love reading your step-by-steps! So one thing that I'm curious about... do you sharpen up your images when editing or is your focus just that sharp? I get pretty sharp, especially when using my 50, but I always sharpen up even more. Anyways... that's just what I was wondering! Thanks! [ Micah | iCandy Photography }

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