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I haven't forgotten about my "25 days to document your life in photos" Challenge... Day 18 is "favorite places around your town or city". I did this about 3 years ago when I was visiting my hometown of Idaho Falls, ID. I love looking back at these pictures. They always bring back so many memories!

I get a little sentimental every time I visit Idaho Falls. There are so many places and businesses that will forever be the Idaho falls that I love and remember. 

 Starting with Hawthorne...This is my elementary school. Our house was about 8 blocks away from the school (which pretty much felt like 8 miles) and I walked to and from school everyday. Yes I still feel picked on. :) But really I had some fun times with my sisters during our walks. I know those blocks so well. I think I could pick out every crack in the sidewalk. I loved Hawthorne. I'm proud to be a Hawthorne Hawk.

The next picture is the fountain at Tauphaus park. (There's no water in this picture as it was winter when I took these pictures.) In high school my friends and I use to put soap in the fountain so it would completely suds up. (okay, we only did it once but I felt so rebellious and cool.) But another time we went late at night and played in the fountain. (yeah, we were really the rule breaking type.) I have such good memories of the fountain.

And the picture on the right is the one and only Idaho Falls Amusement Park which consists of 5 rides.

If you ever go to IF, you have to eat at Smittys. This place is just part of Idaho Falls. They have the best food and service. Get the potato pancakes, you won't be disappointed.

If you've never had a Fiesta Ole' crisp bean burrito...you're missing out. So good. AND everything is so cheap. I swear I order enough to feed a small army and it will only cost $4. Their tator tots are just called "tots" and they have plenty of fry sauce to dip them in.

This is a picture over looking the snake river. This area is known as "the greenbelt". There is a paved path that goes around this part of the river where people walk/jog/bike. This is also where "the falls" are located. I love the greenbelt. ESPECIALLY on the 4th of July. Don't even get me started with Idaho Falls on the 4th...it's truly the best. (that will be another post by itself)
Notice the large building...(large for Idaho Falls)...this is a hotel that used to be called "The Westbank". My friends and I use to go the the top floor (The eighth) and look out over the river. We even had dinner in the stairwell of the 8th floor for one of our famous girls choice dances. What good memories.

Here are the falls. Not too "fally" but still nice. And the water tower is a familiar sight.

This is the Idaho Falls Temple. It's located downtown right across from the greenbelt. This is where Jonathon and I were married.

This is the downtown area. Just quaint and old...

The first picture below is of Farrells Uphosltery. I've never understood why they have a picture of a childs bum on their sign. Can anyone explain?... anyone? I would love for this mystery to be solved once and for all.

Here's another true IF landmark...
The wooden Indian. I remember driving past it as a little girl and thinking...who carved this and why? I still wonder.

One more place you HAVE to visit is Scotty's. This place has been here forever. It hasn't changed. What to order? ...french fries and a fresh banana shake, of course.

Dear Idaho Falls,
Thanks for all the great memories. I feel honored that I got to grow up on your streets. (well, in a house on your streets.) Thanks for letting me live in a place where I always felt safe and secure. My own little corner of the world that I loved and still do. You helped form me into the person I am today, one who still believes in the value of hometown pride and loving your neighbor.
Yours Truly,

Now it's your turn...what memories do you cherish in your town? 


Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

Great post! I've always wondered the same thing about the indian. What?? Was it the golf courses idea, the city's, some old indian tribe just left?

I really need to get on the ball with this list. I was going to start "tomorrow" and I forgot all about it. I'll print out the list now so I can really start on it.

MegJill said...

Love all these IF pictures! My family moved there when I was 15 so many of those places are etched in my memory too. My husband I love Smitty's! I always order the pork chops.
It seems like I heard something about their being an Indian in every state. Idaho Falls got the one for Idaho!

Hirsita Dixit said...
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