Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let me help you learn!

I LOVE to teach people how to take gorgeous photos! To get you started, get my 2 FREE products...

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Monday, September 2, 2013

New Online Photography Workshop created just for you.

i asked.
    you spoke.
i listened.

I'm really liking this relationship.
I asked:
  • What is your most important goal or biggest challenge you are currently facing in regards to photography?
You spoke:
  • "I want to have the ability to capture memories as I see and feel them."
  • "I want to know how to use this big expensive camera that I bought."
  • "I don't have enough time to sit down for hours and learn photography."
  • "I want to turn my photography passion into a business."
  • "I'm frustrated with the confusing and seemingly endless photography terms and knowing what they mean and how to apply them."
  • "I just want to know how to take pretty pictures like the ones I see on Pinterest."
I listened:
  • I've created a 4-part online workshop covering exposure, lighting, composition, editing and much more in simple easy to understand terms. I hold your hand and teach you how to easily go from saying good-bye to auto and hello to professional photos!
  • I teach how you can take Pinterest worthy photos in a compact, no fluff 65-page, 4-video course that is designed WITH YOU IN MIND. You can learn at your own pace while I take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of photography ensuring you won't get frustrated or lost along the way. You will be taught through written material, video, and a supplemental workbook.

The solution to go further in photography the fastest possible way is...

Here is what you will learn:
Part 1: Camera Gear & Exposure
·      How different lenses affect your pictures
·      What gear I use and why
·      Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and how they work together
*An in-depth video further explaining gear and exposure is included to supplement the written material.
*The workbook contains homework for Part 1 and assignments to help you understand what you are learning and how apply it.
Part 2: Camera Settings & Lighting
·      What shooting mode to have your camera on and why
·      How to get tack sharp focusing
·      JPEG vs. RAW
·      White Balance and how to use it properly
·      Where to position your subject to get their eyes to sparkle
·      How to do back lighting & silhouettes
·      How to take indoor pictures without a flash
* An in-depth video showing and explaining where and how to find the best light is included to supplement the written material.
*The workbook contains homework for Part 2 and assignments to help you understand what you are learning and how apply it.
Part 3: The Shoot & Composition
·      Step-by-step instructions on how to run a photo shoot
·      Ideas to help children and adults act more natural in front of the camera
·      The rule of thirds and how it will improve your photography
·      Why it's important to fill the frame
·      Framing ideas
* An in-depth video of me teaching and explaining during an actual shoot is included to supplement the written material.
*The workbook contains homework for Part 3 and assignments to help you understand what you are learning and how apply it.
Part 4: Editing
·      Pro's and con's of various editing software
·      My basic edits to get pictures to really pop
·      How to crop a photo to get the most visual impact
·      A simple step-by-step to get a stunning black and white
·      How to fix a photo if it's not perfect straight out of the camera
*In the video portion you will follow along as I show you all of my photo editing steps, tips and tricks in Lightroom.
*The workbook contains homework for Part 4 and assignments to help you understand what you are learning and how apply it.

Entire Workshop only $285

Click here to buy now!

"Katie's teaching ability goes way beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. She has a gift for being able to explain things so that I can actually understand them. Because of her teachings my photos have improved ten-fold!"   -Carrie B.

"Katie's products are so amazing! I have read a lot of photography books and Katie's finally had the exact information I was looking for...straight to the point and so easy to follow. Katie
has been a
HUGE help and gave me hope to see that I can achieve the type of jaw-droppingly- beautiful photos I am longing for."   -Amy W.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have a BRAND NEW site!

I'm thrilled to share with you my new project...

It's a website where I teach you EVERYTHING you need/want to know about photography through short concise video's. Yes, I've written a book all about photography... but this time I am able to explain everything in person. AND I have much more content than what I've written in my books.

I've made a short video explaining what it's about...

Check out the new site, Key to Pictures!

Like I said in the video, my mission is to help anyone who wants to learn about photography succeed. So in order to do that I have priced the monthly subscription at only $17 a month.


* Access to all of the photography lessons on the site at any time.
* A new video each week sent directly to your email.
* The opportunity to ask me your photography questions which I will answer in the Q& A video on the last day of each month.

Check it out!!! Let me know what you think! 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Capturing the mood when working late...

I went into Lyndon's room to check on him before I went to bed and this is what I found...
He had created a desk for himself complete with a laptop and an iphone. His homemade laptop and phone were made out of paper and the iphone charger was made out of 2 of his mini skate boards.

I couldn't help myself, instead of telling him to go to bed, I had to grab and camera to remember the moment. I love his imagination and creative mind. My little late night worker...

To capture images in the dark (without an ugly flash), you will want to increase your ISO and decrease your aperture. But just remember, the more you increase your ISO, the grainier your pictures will become. So it's important to find the correct balance.

For all of the pictures above my settings were: ISO 1000, 30mm, f/1.8, 1/30th sec. My shutter speed was still quite slow but I didn't want to increase my ISO much more because of the grainy issue. So instead, I held very still and squeezed the shutter button slowly as not to get to much camera shake.

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Also, with my new secret project I a working on, I need some input from you...What are some key questions you have about how to improve your photography? Any are all questions will be much appreciated! Leave you question in the comments below or send me an email: katie@keytopictures.com

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Goals...but first...

I love January.

I always make goals and resolutions throughout the year but January seems to be a "reset" button for me. It's a time to start fresh, regain order, and begin again. But before I get into my goals for myself and for this blog, let me fill you in with what has been happening in our world for the last month...

To begin let me say we've all spent the majority amount of time in our PJ's. I can probably count the number of times we were all showered and dressed! Such is life with a new baby over the holidays. :)

Lily turned 2 months on December 24th!

 She loves to look RIGHT in the camera for all of her pictures! I can't tell you how happy that makes this mom photographer.

I had to get a picture of her in this outfit because it happens to be Jon's (my hubby) favorite newborn outfit that both Maddie and Lily wore. This was the last time she wore it because it was getting too short on her.

Maddie and Lyndon were in our Church Nativity presentation. Maddie got to be Mary and Lyndon was a sheep. They both took their roles very seriously. Here's Maddie riding in on a donkey. I didn't know she would be riding a donkey so when she came out on stage on this wonderful gentleman's back I just about busted out laughing. 

Maddie and Lyndon also sang some Christmas Carols with their fellow primary kids.  Jon got it all on video.

I finally made a Christmas advent calendar. I had been meaning to make one for years but just never got around to it. I didn't want this Christmas to go by without one so I stayed up until 2am on November 30th to finish it!

We decorated the house with Christmas decor...

Lily was blessed.  Jim and Kris (Jon's parents) came out for the blessing. My parents were driving out but got stuck in a snow storm in Wyoming and couldn't make it. We were all sad but they will be coming out to visit us this week. Flying this time!

Our good friends, the Barlow's, from Austin came for a visit! They were on their way to Utah for Christmas and stopped at our house to spend the night and catch up. We had such a great visit and miss them even more!

We spent Christmas at Jon's parents house in Omaha this year. It was a fun-filled full house. When everyone was at the house there was 22 of us. It was crazy and fun all at the same time. Jonathon's Grandma Gregory was also there. Here she is holding Lily...

Lily got lots of attention...

The kids went sledding a couple of times. I was a wimp and didn't go. It was way too cold for me! But I got some pictures of them from the warm cozy house... And Grandma Gregory is entertaining the kids on her ipad...

The holiday treated us well. I hope you had a wonderful time too. Again, thank you for all of your positive comments and support during my struggle. I'm doing really well and look forward to good things to come. 

Speaking of good things to come... I have some GREAT stuff ahead for all of you! I'm excited to share what I've been up to for the past several months. Stay tuned!


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