New Developments and Portaits

8:16 PM
Hello everyone! Sorry for the bit of silence this week. I have my hands in about 5 different pretty huge photography projects PLUS we are putting our house on the market next week. Phew. But I wanted to show you a few pictures I took today of Lyndon during a video shoot of me teaching how to take pictures.

The settings on all of the pictures: ISO 250, 50mm, f/2.0, shutter speed ranges from 1/1250 to 1/2000.
I positioned Lyndon on the edge of some open shade with him facing the sun.  I did hardly any editing...just a little bit of increased brightness on each picture. 

To actually see the video of me teaching...stay tuned. There are some fun products coming in the near future.

Have a lovely weekend!! I hope everyone has beautiful weather and fun plans. :)

(NOTE: Want a step-by-step cheat sheet for crisper, colorful and eye catching pictures? Download the Key to Pictures Cheat and stop guessing on your camera’s manual settings.) landing-page


Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

What an adorable little guy! Those photos really capture his personality. I've got a couple of redheads, that color is to die for. Also, I've been working with your photo guide, it's been very helpful. Thanks!

Jessica said...

I can totally relate to the craziness of getting ready to sell a house. We are in prep for putting the house on the market mode as well. The photos are fabulous! Your son is a such a cutie.

dana said...

these photos are fabulous!
Love it all.

Mawhi Ballen said...

nice photos. what camera are you using and what lens? thanks Katie. :)

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