Tutorial-How to put text on a picture using photoshop elements

7:13 AM
It's so fun to use my pictures to create things. As I'm sure you've noticed lately I've been writing some of my favorite inspirational quotes on some of my favorite pictures. It's a fun and easy way to display the quote.

Many people have emailed me asking exactly how to do this. So let's do a little tutorial, shall we?

The first thing you need to do is to bring your photo into your editing software. I'm using Photoshop Elements. To do this simply click on File-->Open

Once you click on that you will see a box pop up so you can locate your picture file. Click on your picture file.

Once your picture is opened up in Elements, click on the Text tool along the right side column as shown:

To change your font or size of your text click the drop town arrows in the upper tool bar as shown:

Now you're ready to type! Simply click your cursor wherever you want your text on the picture and start typing. You can move your text around once you type it by hovering over your text with your cursor until you see a blue box form around it. Then click and move the text.

Once you're happy with your creation simply click on File-->save. This will save your picture in a psd file. Which means you can go back and make changes in photoshop if you want to. If you want to save it to print, after you save it as a psd go back and click File--->Save as... This will allow you to save a copy of the picture in another format like jpeg if you want to print it. If you want to put it on your blog click File-->Save fro Web... This will allow you to save it as a smaller jpeg file. Here are the settings I use when saving for my blog:

I change the width to 750 and click "apply". And then I change my jpeg to "maximum". This will give you a nice clear picture but it won't be a HUGE file on your blog.

So here ya go...some simple cute pictures made even cuter with some text:

Would you like to know where I got that cute font and TONS of other cute fonts for FREE??? I knew you would. It's this awesome blog called kevin {&} amanda. So glad I found them!

Photoberfest is still in full swing!

To ENTER the contest click here.


dana said...

aw. those photos are so cute

sassy said...

love it! now how about those round edges????

Altax said...

Lovely kid and awesome pictures with great photography.

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Wag Doll said...

Thanks so much for these tips!

harsh dhawan said...

That's cute picture. I wanna also make a picture like this using photoshop tutorials .

Towab Muhammad Yusuf said...

Actually this is aw.

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