bully's are mean.

9:45 AM
I'm trying to grow some thicker skin...in other words I'm trying not to let what other people say about me affect me. That's a tough one. I tend to take things directly to the heart whether that person knows me or not.

I have someone on Amazon who is being a bully to me. And even though I try not to let him, he's hurting my feelings. My sweet husband, who is always going above and beyond to help me with my book venture, wrote a handful of reviews on other photography books (not bad reviews in the least) and then at the end said something like, "I also found the book, The Key to Taking Pictures, to be helpful." To help spread the word about my book.

Well, one of those people have just been spiteful and mean. And to top it off he had one of his fans write a very mean review on my book. He's basically calling me a liar and accusing me of fabricating all of my book review myself. Little does he know I really do have that many people who are happy with my book. I've decided to choose the high road and not saying anything back to him but it still bothers me.

So if anyone hasn't written a review of my book yet and wants to, please feel free. I will be happy when his rude words aren't the last review for people to read. To write the review, click here.

deep breath.

Okay, on to happier subjects...

I was in Salt Lake City, UT for the past several days attending the Scrapbook USA Expo to promote my book. It was a really fun weekend. My Mom and sister drove down from Idaho. They even loaded a big trailer with all my stuff and drove it 3 1/2 hours to meet me! Now that's love.

Here's inside the expo the night before everyone arrived...
ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/100th

And here it is all filled with scrapbookers!
ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/80th

The ladies I met were so wonderful! Scrapbookers are a fun crowd and they like to have a good time. There were dance contests, tug of wars, crazy deals of the hour... never a dull moment. I was SO TIRED out by midnight the first day. (yes, the expo went all the way until MIDNIGHT!) And then we were back there at 9am the next day. Phew. It was a marathon.

Here's a look at my booth...
ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/60th

My sister painted those awesome turquoise chairs and my Mom re-upholstered them. Aren't they so cute? I was excited when I saw them. And the rug is from Urban Outfitters. I think is was only about $80. I fell in love with it when I saw it.
ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/100th

ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/30th

And I was so excited to meet one of my blog friends, Staci Potter of The Potter's Place. I got to talk to her for a little while and found that she is just as sweet, sincere, and kind as she is on her blog. It was a pleasure to sit and talk with her. I wish we lived closer...I know we would be good (in-person) friends!

right to left: Lindsey (my sister), Gloria (my Mom), me, Staci
ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/125th

We were all exhausted by the end. We had high hopes that we would go to see The Hunger Games on Saturday night but we ended up just going to dinner and laughing until we cried while reading funny pins on pinterest. I love hanging out with my family.

It was a great weekend. But I was also really happy to be home.

Oh, AND I got to be on the news! Here is the clip:


Casperdarin said...

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7FootersWife said...

so sorry, that you are a victim of a bully. When you pour your heart into something so amazing it hearts when someone contradicts your feelings. Stay strong, this guy is only ever negative if you look at the reviews he gives. Stay strong. I would have left a review for you in a heart beat but I haven't purchased your book yet - its in the budget to soon :) Your book looks AMAZING and sooo helpful!

Love In Everything said...

That's so awful and disappointing! It's too bad that some people feel the need to be so negative. I love your book, and I think you did a fantastic job of writing it, and making it straight forward and easy to follow. I really appreciate that you have put this book together to share with the rest of us who are just learning.

Krista said...

ok, i just couldn't resist posting a reply comment on that mean man's review. it made me too sad for you. hope that's ok :)

Megan said...

I think you posted a permalink to the MEAN comment rather than the comment form, so now anyone who clicks that link will go right to the bad review. I clicked the link to report "Inappropriate Content". Hopefully amazon will see that he is trashing other people and hurting sales on their website and take his "review" down.
I haven't bought or read your book, but I LOVE your blog. Someday when I have time to read a book, I will put in my order!

Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said...

I posted a review that was long overdue. Sorry you have had to deal with this!

Anonymous said...

I looked at all his reviews on other products and they were all negative. He's just a mean person.

Cammie said...

Mean people are super lame. Sorry to hear that someone's being mean to you!
How lame am I! I totally forgot about your expo. I had planned to go and totally forgot. Your booth looked so cute! I love it.

carimarie said...

What a bummer! I actually saw this guys comments the other day when I was looking up all the other informative reviews that were put there by people who have actually bought and read your book. Since I follow your blog I already knew for the last few months I was going to purchase your book I just wanted to see what your readers had t say about your book as well =) Sorry you have had to deal with this, but really the high road is the only road worth taking. Btw just ordered my book & cant wait to get it!!!

Linda said...

I've just left a review, sorry I didn't think to do it sooner.
Take no notice of that idiot of a guy, he has no idea what he's talking about and anyone with half a brain cell can see what he's all about.
Take care.

Jane said...

I just left a positive review too! Ugh, some people suck. You are the better person :)

calamein said...

My kids say they saw you at the park today and they were so excited to tell me. How dare somebody be mean to you...just wanted to tell you that I love you and you take such awesome pictures and are so helpful to all of us that are still learning. Thanks for all your tips and for being a great friend...I am going to miss you and your family when you move.

Jenny from My Handmade Home said...

Ugh... I feel for you. Bullies suck whether they are pint sized or adult sized. Don't let the negativity get you down. You take wonderful pictures and although I haven't purchased your book yet, I love your blog posts. Keep up the lovely posts!

btw - also wanted to say that I love the job your sister/mom did on the chairs!

V said...

Well, I know how you feel... After reading your bully's comments, another photography book author commented on my review of your book and said it was "obviously a fake review and I was being dishonest." I was a bit stunned. And then mad. So I penned a nice long reply--with a few more details about why I like the book, the blog and the author and why amazon reviews are important. The ridiculous thing is there is room in the world for many great photography books! Unfortunately, with that attitude and accusatory position, there is no room in mine for his.

justtssol said...

"MEAN PEOPLE SUCK" as the bumper sticker states! I think you are a sweet, genuine and giving person. Don't you dare allow ONE negative comment bring you down! You have done something wonderful! You've written a book from your heart that has helped so many people understand photography in a way they didn't before. Jealousy is a beast and that's exactly what he is! Don't sweat him! He wouldn't have bothered saying anything if your book wasn't worth talking about (or reading for that matter)!I appreciate you and from what I've read so do sooooo many others! Thank you!

Alicia said...

I looked at those reviews on your book! I saw the negative and the convo that ensued.

**ALSO PEOPLE - go and click "YES" on "Was this review helpful?" on the positive reviews. It looks like 2 people are going down the row and clicking NO so it says "0 of 2 people found this helpful".
I'm going back through and clicking YES so they also get shot out on that number as well!!!

Anonymous said...

As a nurse, I have dealt with hateful people intent on hurting and hating for many years. I finally realized how ultimately miserable they are, and that they have to live in all that misery and hate, while I am free to live joyfully. Kindness and honesty will ALWAYS prevail over hate. Only those just as miserable will judge you based on this person's opinion. Those with self-respect will treat you with respect. And your work certainly deserves respect!

dana said...

oh man, you didn't tell me about the bully thing. LAME LAME LAME.
but fun pics of your cute booth. Those chairs turned out darling. You guys were so organized! Well done :)

Lindsay said...

I have some thoughts about the whole bullying thing. I think we all struggle on whether or not to give a s*** about what other people think. Ignore this person Katie - because you are doing something positive with your creativity - attempting to teach others. Lets face it, the art of photography has been around for a long time. There have been many teachers before you. Honestly, how many unique and original thoughts could you possibly pull out of your hat? There aren't too many new ways to teach this subject. The reason people are going to continue to seek you out is because of YOU... and because you aren't full of yourself. Because you're accessible and real. Because they like YOUR photos. Remember that. Screw this guy on Amazon. What the heck is he doing with his talent? Probably not inspiring others. Like you do, every day.

Jodi @ Make Three blog said...

I am behind on everyone's blog and I'm just reading this. I responded to his comment and also flagged his review to Amazon as inappropriate. Reviews should be on the product, NOT assumptions about the other reviews. I'm frustrated for you.

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