St. Patty's Day idea...for next year :)

2:20 PM
Happy (late) St. Patrick's Day! I know I'm late in posting this but I wanted to show you because Maddie and Lyndon were so excited.

Maddie was counting down the days to St. Patrick's Day with eager anticipation. She would announce... "Only 4 more days...only 3 more days"...and so forth. I wasn't sure why she was so excited but at about 10pm the night before the big day I thought...I should do something fun for her since she is so looking forward to it. So I decided to write them a letter from "Lucky" the Leprechaun letting them know that he came and hid a treasure for them. The way to find the treasure was to follow his green little footprints. (I used green finger paint and a sponge I cut out in the shape of a shoe.) Their treasure was a bag of skittles. (I got the idea from my friend who does this every year for her kids.)

The kids LOVED it! they were so excited and couldn't stop talking about Lucky. I plan on doing this again for them next year. Now Maddie will really have something to look forward to!

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Meghan said...

We made traps every year-- to try to catch the leprachaun. My dad would take peanuts and hollow out a little hole that were the leprachaun's shoes....... green paint/green sparkles galour at our house.

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