Day 6 - Christmas Photo Countdown

Day 6: Church Christmas Party
Photo Info:
30mm, ISO 500, f/1.6, 1/125th sec. 

Photo Tip:
In yesterday's post I talked about one key ingredients to getting good pictures indoors is to turn off all the overhead lights and use only the natural light coming in from the windows. But sometimes you don't have a lot (or any) control over the lighting in a given situation. For example, when we were at our church Christmas party yesterday I wasn't about to turn all the lights out on people in order to get a picture of Maddie's newly decorated sugar cookie! So you just have to work with with you've got. It's important to watch your white balance. I keep mine on manual and had it set to about 2750K. Then in post-processing you can try out some different coloring to give it some pizazz. :)

Here are my edits in post processing:
1- Apply the free preset: Matt's Polo/Ralph Lauren found here.
2- To add that bit of white around the edges, in"post crop vignetting" increase the amount to +38 and the feather to +100.
3- Using the brush took I increased the clarity to +100 and brushed it over the cookie to give it more definition.

Here is my original picture, straight out of the camera:

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