Boston...through my camera lens

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I love to travel. I've always loved it. I grew up in Idaho where the tallest building was 8 stories high and being "stuck in traffic" meant there were more than 5 cars in front of you at a red light. So my family's annual vacation to Salt lake City was thrilling to say the least. We would go to the infamous amusement park, Lagoon, the water park Cherry Hills and the most kid-friendly exciting pizza joint I ever went to...Chuck E. Cheese. (Nope. No Chuck E. Cheese in Idaho Falls.) Ahhhh, just thinking about those memories as a kid makes me giddy.

Since my childhood I've been fortunate enough to travel and live in many large cities all over the United States. So you would think that going to a big city wouldn't bring that same thrill as it did when I was young BUT IT DOES. I love going downtown, the sights, the smell, the people...I'm a downtown fan!

So when I travel instead of buying souvenirs to remember the place I like to take fun pictures to document our vacations. It's fun for me to remember the small simple parts of the trip like what we ate at the quaint little cafe by the river or what the street looked like packed with people or how my kids were feeling about making them walk their little feet off all day.

Last September I took a trip to visit my good friends in Boston. My hubby had to work so it was just the kids and me. We flew into Boston late at night, stayed in a hotel and spent the next day checking out my favorite part of Boston, the North End. We then caught the train to Maine to stay with our friends at their beach house on Old Orchard Beach.

To truly capture all the details of our trip I made sure to keep my camera handy. It can get a little bulky at times but it was worth it soon as I saw the pictures when we got home. I kept my Sigma 30mm lens on my camera most of the time while we were downtown Boston. This is one of those times I wish I had a zoom lens instead of my prime lenses. But I still loved the pictures so it was okay. (Check out my book, The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer to find out which lenses are my favorites and why I love them!)

When I'm taking pictures on a trip I try and take some good shots that show me the over all view of what we were seeing. Like this shot:

I made these 2 little kiddos walk a small portion of the Freedom Trail in the North end of Boston. I promised if they just kept moving we would make it to Mikes Pastry (the BEST Italian bakery ever!) where they could choose anything they wanted! It happened to be a hot sweltering day so they whined a good portion of the walk but we were SO CLOSE. I couldn't turn back.

And there it is.......................

There's Lyndon trying the make the difficult decision of what to choose.

And he settles with the gelato.

Maddie chooses the biggest most sickening sweet item she could find, a double chocolate marshmallow cupcake. But what they both really wanted was MY chocolate covered macaroon.

Maddie wasn't sure she could make it back to our hotel. Here she is having a very slight breakdown.

But the view was spectacular so I couldn't help but to be upbeat. :)

On the way back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and head to the train station we needed to cool off so we stopped inside Claire's Boutique. I was really just ducking in there to soak up their a/c but Maddie found her own reason for being there. It was called 10 items for $10 clearance. They had TONS of (very tacky) jewelry and knick knacks to choose from. She had been such a trooper the entire day that I let her pick the 1o items. You should have seen how EXCITED she was. As soon as we made it to the train station and sat down out came the Claire's treasures. Incidentally when asked what her favorite thing about Boston is she will happily tell you, "Claire's". Good to know she can find equal happiness just being at her local mall.

Waiting for our train to arrive...

The train ride from Boston to Old Orchard was very pleasant. The kids had a blast.

Well, Lyndon did. Maddie watched movies.

The rest of the our trip was spent on the Beach in Maine...more pictures to follow.

It's so fun to look back on these pictures and remember all the details of the trip. For me carrying my camera is definitely worth it's weight!


Farmgirl Paints said...

a friend told me to come check you out. so glad i did. love your take on the city:)

dana said...

I'm still totally impressed that you did all that sightseeing with two kids AND a camera! haha. I'd be exhausted :)
loved the recap!

Angela said...

What a fun trip and great pictures Katie! I have to post and say we apparently just missed you at Old Orchard Beach--we were there the last week in August! Are your ebook beach pictures from there? So cool...

Angela said...

What a fun trip and great pictures Katie! I have to post and say we apparently just missed you at Old Orchard Beach--we were there the last week in August! Are your ebook beach pictures from there? So cool...

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