Day 2-Countdown to Christmas...

Day 2 of our countdown happens to be our 10th wedding anniversary! So today is the perfect day to post a picture of my dear husband with our sweet Lily. When I found this mistletoe headband, I envisioned the most adorable picture of Lily lovingly looking at her Dad while he puckered up to give her a kiss. Clearly, Lily didn't get the memo because her expression was one of annoyance and aloofness. What are you going to do when a 7 week old won't cooperate with your photo visions?! haha. Nonetheless, I think it turned out to be a cute picture...

 Here's the original photo SOOC...
The details for the photo is as followed:
ISO 400, 30mm, f/2.0, 1/125th sec.

Cropped and tilted photo to the left
decreased temperature to -7
increased tint to +16
increased fill light to 36
increased blacks to +10
increased contrast to +49
increased vibrance to +10
decreased saturation to -17
lens vignetting amount to -100

*editing done in Lightroom.

Here is one more edit I tried...I'm not a huge fan of coloring only one part of the picture but I thought I would show you anyway... :)

How are your Christmas photos coming?? We've already gotten some fun ones pinned to our Countdown to Christmas Pinterest board...check them out!

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Dianne said...

It's just gorgeous Katie .... and at 7 weeks lets face it this little model is going to do what she's going to do!
Did you do the little spot of colour editing using Lightroom? I have often wanted to do this but didn't know how.

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