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4:05 PM
Life has been rolling on for us. The kids are loving school. Thank goodness! We adore Colorado. And my tummy (and unfortunately my backside) is getting huge. But only 4 more weeks until she's here!

I love to capture the everyday events in our family. Because isn't that what makes up 95% of our lives? Sure I want to make sure I take pictures of our family vacations and the special events in our lives but it's the everyday moments that I will want to remember when it's just my hubby and me sitting on the porch thinking back on "when the kids were growing up".

So here's a small peek into our everyday...

This morning we ate homemade cinnamon rolls.

I made the dough last night so all I had to do was let them warm-up out of the fridge for 30 minuted and then pop them into the oven. They turned out pretty good. However, I probably won't use this recipe again. Here are a few that look really tasty that I plan on trying out: Alton brown- here, Our Best Bites- here, and Pioneer Woman- here.

Lyndon is a carb and sugar FANATIC, to say the least. Needless to say, he LOVES cinnamon rolls.

Since living in Colorado we've spent so much more time outside. It's so refreshing. The kids love that they can actually sit on the soft grass without worrying about bugs and fire ants. Lyndon decided to have an impromptu tea party on the front porch.

Maddie is showing me what Jon just taught her... :)

Lyndon prepared my tea party plate... Who doesn't love a good hot dog at a tea party?

I made these fun felt cookies a while ago. They've been a hit. Dana over at MADE inspired me with this post.

I saw Lyndon further entertaining himself with the hose. Such a great helper... :)

And there you have it. Small everyday activities that I don't want to forget... What are some everyday things that you want to remember?

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Honesty. Kindness. Grateful. said...

I love your posts!
These everyday moments are exactly what I like to capture. For my own family and others that I shoot.
WONDERFUL moments.
Can't wait for baby to arrive to see her photos!

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