Awesome temple pictures just for you!

7:46 PM
Have you wanted a beautiful Temple picture in your home?

Well look no further! This summer I was able to take pictures of 4 temples....

Salt Lake City
Idaho Falls

Buy each collection for $75 
now on sale for only $35!

In each collection, you will receive each image in 4 different color scapes. As shown below:

You will also receive printing instructions and helpful suggestions of where (and where not) to get them printed.

Here is a look into each collection. You will receive MANY more pictures than what is shown here but this will give you a good idea of what you're buying:

Add to CartAdd to Cart
$75  $35 Salt Lake Temple (98 images)                 Logan Temple (80 images) $75  $35

Add to Cart    $75 $35 Rexburg Temple (68 images)              Idaho Falls Temple (96 images)  $75 $35 Add to Cart

If you are interested in purchasing more than one collection, you get a 20% discount. Please send me an email for your discount code! (

*Use these pictures to print beautiful artwork for your home or even use them for special lessons at church. But please do not share these images with your friends and family. I have priced the collections at an extremely reasonable price to allow most everyone an opportunity to purchase them.

*These images may be altered to incoporate text over top of the image but the coloring and image itself may not be altered.

*These images are copyrighted and may not be used for re-sale. They are for private home/church use only.

*Please contact me for any other questions! (

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Kimberly T. said...

Those are amazing!! Such beautiful pictures! I've got to figure out a great place to use those.

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