The Red Poppy Festival

7:03 AM
One of the benefits of living in Texas is the fun festivals that take place all over the state. Every year Georgetown, TX (just North of Austin) puts on the The Red Poppy Festival. It is a two day event and  starts with a parade, lots of live music, vendor booths, old cars, kids activities, food, and good old Southern pride.

This was our first time attending and we had a great time. Take a look at some of the happenings...
(stay tuned to the end of the post for some photography tips!)

We met up with some of our friends who were there as well. Lots of talking while the kids eagerly await their turn in the bounce house.

Cute Dana with sleeping Clara on the left and a happy Lyndon with grumpy, 6-going-on-16, Maddie on the right.

Lots and lots of people!!

Jonathon's favorite classic car!

Ending with Super Lyndon and Captain Maddie keeping the city of Georgetown green and clean!

Isn't Georgetown such a quaint town?

****Photography Tip!****
Sometimes it can be a pain to bring along your "big camera" when you're out and about. But instead of leaving the whole thing behind and missing out on some great photos, consider bringing just the necessities. i.e. the camera body and just one lens.  This is the time to put on your zoom lens, if you have one. That way you can have the capability of getting wide shots as well as close-ups. I don't own any zoom lenses so I used my 30mm for all of these pictures. 

It's also important to think about how you're going to carry your camera. We don't push a stroller around any more (how do kids grow up so fast?!) so I like to carry my camera in a backpack as it is much more comfortable than a shoulder bag. Instead of just throwing my camera in the backpack, I first put it in a small cloth bag to keep it safe from whatever else is rattling around in there.


dana said...

cute photos! You saw some things I didn't see. I always love that (seeing what different things we capture on "film" :))
It was fun to hang out with you guys!

Wes and Denise said...

how careful do you have to be for your camera getting bumped in the back pack? this sounds like a much easier way to take my camera along rather than the bulky padded camera bag......

thanks :)

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