(Some of my) Favorite Photography Quotes!!

11:09 AM
It's been a while since I made some inspirational quotes and today is the day! (note: obviously these aren't quotes from me, I just liked them and put them on a picture!)

Today's quotes are all about photography. Why not, right? If you're reading my blog you are most likely a photographer...so let's get inspired! 

(Take careful note of the last quote...we ALL need to have this plastered where we can see it everyday...myself included. Never compare yourself. You are too good for that.)

Happy Friday Everyone!


PictureBigSky said...

Love the last two, especially; wrote 'em down so I could remember! Thanks Katie!

Stephanie Anderson said...

That last quote is perfect for me! I'm just starting out and have a hard time not comparing my work to others'. Thank you for your blog and for sharing the great tips!

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