Day 2-- Inside your Home.

7:18 AM
Day 2 of our 25-Day challenge is to take pictures of the inside of your house. I don't know about you but I love to look at pictures showing the house I grew up in and the houses/apartments that I used to live in. So much happens in your home. So many memories are made. And for me, looking at pictures brings back those feelings and thoughts of when I lived there.

We are moving to Colorado this summer and I'm going to miss our home. This is where our kids have lived most of their lives. Lyndon was born while we lived here, they both learned to walk, talk, and ride bikes here. We've had many birthdays, holidays, and parties in this house. Jon and I have learned many life lessons here as well. (one of which is to keep up with your lawn or you will have to pay for it 6 years down the road!)

I was happy to take pictures and document each detail so that later on down the road I can look back and remember all the good memories we have had in this house. I took a lot more pictures than what I posted here but I didn't want to bore you with the entire show!

I hoped you enjoyed the tour of our house! Have you documented your house yet?


Jeannette said...

I love your home! You have such great style! Mine has stuff EVERYWHERE lol. I love your dining room table picture your vase looks almost as if it is floating.

bluebird love said...

Where abouts are you moving in CO? I can't tell you how much this information made my day - mostly because I'm assuming CO might get a few more workshops (fingers crossed!) I had tried to win a spot from your giveaway but wasn't lucky enough.

Katie Evans Photography said...

HI Bluebird love! We are moving to the Conifer area. Where do you live?

Connie said...

I love all the details you've captured! The rainbow of books, the little tags. Everything!

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