What are your goals?

5:08 PM
Happy New Year!

The Christmas wreath has been taken down...

and the new planner has been bought...

I loved my one from last year so much that I found this owl one from the same publisher, Peter Pauper Press.

So now I'm ready to get to work on my new goals of 2012.

Some of which include...
be more organized, 
spend more quality time with Maddie and Lyndon, 
show Jonathon how much I appreciate him, 
read and study my scripture more, 
cook healthy meals at least 4 nights a week for my family, 
exercise on a regular basis,
and help more people learn about photography.

The way I'm going to help more people learn about photography is to teach more workshops this year!
Tomorrow I will post all the details about where I will be traveling and what to expect. So if one of your goals is to take better pictures...stay tuned!

In the mean time, what are some of your New Year's goals?


SaigeWisdom said...

COME TO CANADA {the Okanagan to be more exact}. It seems our lists are quite similar except I want to learn how to take better photos and you want to teach... I'm really loving your ebook by the way. Happy 2012.

calamein said...

I am so stealing your planner idea...got myself one the other day and I love it. My goals this year are to exercise, spend money wisely, be more supportive of David, and to be more patient with my kids! And drive to Oregon this summer!!

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