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12:10 PM
First of all, thank you to everyone who shared your "can't live without" apps for your iphone! I've been using many of your suggestions. btw, how did I ever live without these? hahaha. I think back to high school when we didn't even have the INTERNET let alone personal cell phone and apps!

Well, I didn't quite get around to writing my tutorial for that super awesome photography app that I promised to have for you today. But don't's in the making and I so excited to share it with you!

So in the meantime let me just share with you how I organize my day and attempt to get everything done. I've had a handful of people email me asking how I get everything done...with the blogging, photography, the kids, the house etc. Well, my friends, to be completely honest I never get EVERYTHING done but I do have a system for staying on track. And that comes in the form of lists. I must make myself lists. My brain just goes on overload if I try to remember it all without writing it down. So every year I buy a new planner. Here is my current one:

I'm still old school and I like to have something tangible in my hands to write on when I get a thought or idea. I also have to choose a planner that I think is cute. If I have one that is boring or not very attractive I find that I just don't use it! Weird, I know. I found this one at Barnes and Noble last year.  I'm kind of liking this one or even this one. They usually have really cute ones but go now, don't wait until the new year or the good ones are gone.

They way I use it is pretty straight forward I make continual list of things that need to be done for the coming week. But this is the part that I feel like REALLY helps me to accomplish everything:

Every night before I go to bed I make a list of what needs to get accomplished for the next day. I read somewhere that if you do this before bed, while you sleep your mind will work of the ways that you are going to accomplish your tasks. SO the next say when you wake up you already have a head start on you day. It sounds kind of kooky when I say it out loud but I'm telling you IT WORKS! The days that I make my lists the night before it's almost as if my mind is on autopilot and I almost always get my list completed. Try it, you'll see.

So here is what my week/list looks like:

-send out books/cd
-blog post (almost done! :) )
-call from Karlan
-call Denise
(Thanks to Lyndon for adding a little bit of his own personal touch in there for me this week.)

And there you have I plan. How do YOU get everything done?


Shay said...

I love love love that planner! Where in the world did you come by it?!

Suvi. said...

Here is my blog:

Three last posts are about my planing and organizing.

I also use iPhone apps: Home Routines and Motivated Moms. Can reallyreallyreally recomend those, amazing how much more you can get done when there is "someone" telling what do do next :D

Heidi said...

I do like something tangible too!! I used to have a notebook myself, but
I think I fell in love with my Toodledo app on my iPad. I can add things on my home computer and on the run!

I can't resist "due dates"!!! I like how I can have folders for different things like blog, school projects, tutorial, etc!

Hyla said...

I make lists! Lots of them with the notes application on my ipod touch AND I use the calender on my ipod touch and program in things that need to get down and appointments and set alarms to go off like a day or two days or one hour ahead of schedule to remind myself to get them done!

Anonymous said...

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Wag Doll said...

I too make lists, I'm a full-time working mum, as well as a blogger so my mind is constantly on overdrive trying to remember everything unless I write it down LOL! I use Quick Event app on my phone which integrates with the calendar, and I also carry a notebook journal....I have a very large handbag! x

Altax said...

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Kayla said...

Your planner is super cute! Thanks for sharing what works for you; I always seem to be more motivated after reading what keeps other people organized and motivated. I'm totally going to try writing my list for tomorrow tonight before I go to bed. Thanks for the tip! And how true is it that a planner will go unused if it isn't cute? That seems to be the case for me as well!

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