It's a contest!

6:28 AM

(thanks to my creative husband who came up with the name.) 

    I've been so excited to share this contest with you. Since my photography book came out in April of this year I have had countless emails from readers telling me how much their photography has improved since reading the book. I can't even express how happy this had made me. I seriously want to drive to your house and give each of you a big fat hug because that was my sole purpose in writing the book. I want people to be happy with the pictures they are taking, simple as that.

So now it is time to really see how you're doing! The contest is fairly simple, each week I will introduce a new theme. On each Monday when I introduce the theme I will also do a tutorial and/or share tips on how to take photos of that particular subject. Then throughout the week you can practice on your own and choose your favorite photo to submit for the contest. fun, huh?

Here is the run-down of the weekly themes:

week 1: Food
week 2: Kids
week 3: Action
week 4: Halloween

*you can submit up to 3 entries per week.

How to enter:
To enter the contest simply send me an email ( with a link to your photo(s) on your blog. I will then "pin' your photo(s) to a pinterest board that is created specific for each week of the contest.

The winner will be decided each week, at midnight on Friday, by whoever has the most "likes" on your photo. So recruit all of your friends and family to go and vote! I will provide you with the link to send the voters right to the board. (If you don't have a pinterest account to is the time to sign-up! It's awesome. You won't be disappointed.)

What you will win:
(there will be one winner each week)
- a copy of my photography ebook.
- a 30 minute phone consultation with me to ask me any photography questions you might have.
- a $25 Target gift certificate.

If you would like to spread the word here is the code to put a button on your blog:

The contest will start this Monday, October 3rd.
I can't wait to see your photos!

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Heather said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to play along.

Busy as a Bee in Paris said...

love it! great idea!

girl willow said...

Visiting from Made.... Looking forward to joining in next week! Sounds like fun :)

organizedchaos said...

I am totally participating in this one ;)

Stephanie said...

what if you don't have a blog...can you still participate?

Rebeca Price said...

My awesome friend Cristiane introduced me to your book last time we went to her house to visit. Guess, what, she is your sister-in-law!!! I am so excited for this contest!!

Annie said...

I'm new to Pinterest... How do I see the photos you'll pin there for the contests?

Katie Evans Photography said...

HI Annie!
It's really easy to see the photos on pinterest. I will provide a link so that it will take you right there. If you don't have a pinterest account send me an email and I will send you an invitation.

Marilyn said...

Hi there.. I am officially joining in!!! Wooohooo.. This is great.. LOVE the concept.. I am joing in - I'm Marilyn Via Officially following ya too :))

Marilyn said...

My email is SENT Katie.. TY : ))

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