Lovin' the weather & workshop update

10:46 AM
I know I complain about the Texas summers but it's days like today that I LOVE Texas! Temps in the high 60's and low 70's are my personal favorite. We're taking advantage of every minute of it. (except for when I have to be inside battling the piles of laundry that must get done today.) :)

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Here's an update on how the workshops are filling up:
10 4 spots left     Las Vegas, NV - March 3rd
10 4 spots left     San Antonio, TX - April 14th
10 8 spots left     Denver, CO - May 13th
10 6 spots left     Seattle/Tacoma, WA - June 23rd
10 9 spots left      Idaho Falls, ID - June 30th
10 6 spots left     Salt Lake City, UT - July 7th
If you are interested in joining me for an eye-opening/"ah-ha moment" (as Oprah would say), here are the details:
As soon as you make a payment, your spot is reserved. You can either pay the full amount by entering $225 in the amount box or pay half now and half 2 weeks before the workshop by entering $112.50 in the amount box. Here is the link to make the payment. In the notes section of paypal please indicate which workshop you will be attending. Send me an email if you have any questions. katie_perkes@yahoo.com

For more info about the workshop click here.

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