Day 9 - Christmas Photo Countdown

Day 9: Christmas at the cabin

       I took this picture at my parents cabin in Island Park, ID (near Yellowstone Park) when we spent Christmas there back in 2009. Christmas morning greeted us with a beautiful light and fluffy snow fall. So by the time we were finished opening presents this is what it looked like out the front windows of the cabin. Ahhh, I miss it...the snow, the cabin, the smell, even the cold. Because we've been doing so much traveling this year we decided to stay in Texas for Christmas. (Our very first time) I'm glad my parents are coming to celebrate with us in Texas but I still miss the cozy Christmas at the cabin.

Photo Info:
Unfortunately, I don't have my setting because I took this picture back in in 2009 and this picture, along with many others, are stuck on my old computer waiting to be repaired. :)

Photo Tip:
When taking pictures in the snow it's important to get the exposure right. If it's cloudy outside your camera will probably tend to under-expose your picture causing the snow to look grey. So take a test shot then look at your screen, if it look too grey increase your exposure by a stop or so. (Meaning rotate your shutter speed dial one or two clicks to the left, if using Nikon, or one or two clicks to the right, if using Canon.)

It's also important to set your white balance correctly so the snow doesn't end up looking too blue.

And last, if it's sunny outside you will need to watch for over-exposure causing blown-out highlights thus losing precious detail in your picture. If any or all of this sounds confusing to you, read my book.

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

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