Day 10 - Christmas Photo Countdown

11:21 PM
Day 10: Jack and Sandy Claws
Photo Info:
85mm, ISO 250, f/2.0, 1/320th sec.

I was lucky enough to have a photo shoot with Mr. & Mrs. Clause AND their elves. We had such a fun evening. Everyone was such a good sport. Santa even posed with another family who was also getting their pictures taken in the same area. He's a popular guy you know. ...especially this time of year. Because I loved so many of these pictures, I couldn't choose just one today...

I even got my picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Clause! Darn, I should have told them what I wanted for Christmas...merely $10,000 in photo gear. That's all. :)
 Photo Tip:
When shooting an actual photo shoot, try out many different area's and poses in your location. Don't be stuck on staying in the same spot. Because as it turns out, I always seem to like the pictures I take as the session rolls on. The first ones tend to be a bit more stiff and contrived whereas in the latter pictures your subjects (and you) tend to loosen up and act more natural.


Kayla said...

I love these photos! What a fun concept!

dana said...

haha. how fun!

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