A walk down Halloween lane

7:34 AM
Jon's favorite holiday is Halloween. Maddie was actually due on October 31st and Jon was SO EXCITED. However, she was actually born on November 2nd. (He was a little disappointed she wasn't a halloween baby but the excitement of her birth it was soon forgotten!) I love Halloween too. It could be for a few reasons...when I was younger I loved it mostly because of the candy. The dressing up part for me came second to getting the candy. (Jon loves the dressing up part the most.) But as I've gotten older I love Halloween for the excitement it brings to our home and community and it's almost like a kick-off to the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Both my Mom and my Mother-in-law have an amazing skill of being able to sew. Which bodes well for me because that means that every year our kids can be anything their little hearts desire and their grandma's are more than happy to whip up a costume for them. And me, being the I-have-to-take-a-picture-of-it-or-it-didn't-really-happen person that I am...I've documented all of their costumes over the years.

Shall we take a stroll? (you will also see how my photography skills have improved over the years!)

2008: The Doodlebops
Maddie as Dee Dee Doodle
Lyndon as Moe Doodle

2009: I couldn't talk them into wearing related costumes!
Maddie as Silvermist (Tinkerbell's friend) 
Lyndon as "Lynja" the Ninja

2010: The Nightmare Before Christmas couple
Maddie as Sally (no last name?)
Lyndon as Jack Skelington

The little rascals insisted on staying in character for all the pictures! 

2011: Again, I couldn't talk them into related costumes!
Maddie as A 50's gal with a poodle shirt
Lyndon as Alvin the Chipmunk

...so stay tuned for their 2011 pictures.

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