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7:50 PM
I don't know about you but the days leading up to Halloween always prove to be, but busy. Every year for the past 5 years we have attended our local library's Halloween party. We always go with the Adam's family. (Gina, Anna and Isaac. Not to be confused with Gomez, Morticia and Uncle Fester.) It was a little sad because due to the fact that Maddie was in school this year and Lyndon will be in school next year I won't be going next year! Times are changing.

Tomorrow morning we will attend the annual Fall Festival at the park put on by the Parks and Rec dept. It's always a big production with TONS of people. I usually try to steer clear of crowds but again, we've gone every single year so I have to go! And it's so fun for the kids, uh I guess just fun for Lyndon this year as Maddie will be in school.

And then tomorrow evening we will of course be out trick-or-treating. As Maddie was getting into bed tonight she said excitedly, "I just can't believe it...tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!" I remember feeling such joy and excitement for moments and events such as these. I'm so glad I now have kids to feel that again. btw, her school class isn't doing any sort of Halloween party. Is that kind of weird or is it just me?

So many photo opps to capture the joy and excitement of the holiday. I'm excited to see your entries! have until midnight on Tuesday to submit your photos.

Here are a few Halloween pictures I rounded up from some of our past Halloweens...

A small peek of our spooky decor. (from the dollar store!)

Lyndon trick-or-treating with Grandma from a couple of years ago.

One of my favorite Halloween pictures of the kids. Waiting at a front door to trick-or-treat. Every parent needs this picture!

The loot!

Last year Maddie said, "Let's make some Halloween puppets!" This is what we came up with...

For information on how to enter the contest click here.

You can submit photos and vote from now until Tuesday night (the day after Halloween) at 12 pm CST. 

To view the photo submissions and to vote click here.


Krista S. said...

It's totally weird!!!! My niece told me they now have a "Harvest Party"....not Halloween. And they don't get to dress up and parade around the school. I was looking forward to that with my little one. What gives???

organizedchaos said...

A friend of mine's daughter had the same thing–it's a fall celebration party, NOT a Halloween party!!??!! All I know is THIS girl looooooves Halloween :D Happy Halloween everyone! Adorable pics by the way. One of my favorite pics is my oldest taking candy out of a neighbor's bucket he was holding. The look on his face was priceless! Have fun trick or treating!!!!!!!

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