I got mail--the real kind.

7:45 PM
Does every one know what Very Jane is? If not, let me be the first to introduce it to you! It's basically groupon for etsy type shops. Double good, right? They will send you an email every day of what their deal is. I've bought some really fun and cute stuff and for an awesome deal to boot!

It was a fun mail day for me because I received 2 things I ordered from Very Jane! Yay! This first one are some darling hair clips/pins made out of 100% wool felt. They are all handmade from Stones in bloom. These clips are normally $4.50/each but I got them for something like $2 a piece from Very Jane.

I am so excited about this one! It's from the store, Just Bead It. clever. It is a hand stamped metal bracelet made out of aluminum so it's very lightweight. I chose to have "j & k" stamped on it...Jonathon & Katie...get it? :) Normally the bracelet is $12 but through Very Jane it was only around $6! A steal, right?

***Photography Tip***
When it comes to taking pictures, first and foremost you want to have good adequate lighting. When I say "good" I mean natural light, no over head lights or lamps and when I say "adequate" I mean enough light to give you a fast enough shutter speed in order to get a crisp sharp image. (If you need to know about lighting, shutter speeds, etc. check out my photography book.)

When I need to take pictures of small objects, like a craft perhaps, I simply take my object toward a window. It's as simple as that. I create a little place to stage the object and shoot away. Here is a pull back of what I did to take these images:

See how I've brought that chair right up near the window? (and my flip flops there as well? I can never put my shoes away. just ask my husband...and my mom.) I pulled the blinds up just a tad to let in even more light. It's really that simple.

Go ahead, give it a try!


Heidi said...

Katie...Sometimes I get awesome blurs with my camera, but sometimes want to add it. Did you add it or is there something I need to be doing when focusing on objects?
Thanks as always!!!!

Kira Fuller said...

Wow - thanks for the Very Jane tip! I am wondering if you've heard of zulily? You get crazy deals on childrens/mom/maternity things from awesome boutiques daily! Kira

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