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We are already finished with our first week of Photoberfest 2012!! 
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I'm so happy with the results so far. We had a great call with Ashlee on Tuesday where she helped us get rid of our negative false beliefs about ourselves and guided us through a series of statements increasing our self-esteem. You can listen to the recording of this call by calling the Playback Number: (712) 432-1085 and entering this Access Code: 185887. Also, here is the handout Ashlee has provided to go along with the call. Feel free to download it. Be sure to sign up to listen to the next one to be held this Tuesday at 12 pm CST.

We have also had some great photo submissions of YOU. I have to tell you, it's so fun to see what you all look like. I like to see your personalities come through in the photos. You can STILL submit a self-portrait by posting it to the web (on your blog, snapfish, flickr, etc.) and then sending me the link to I will pin your photo(s) and then send your family/friends the link to go and "like" your photo. The person with the most pinterest "likes" by midnight (MST) tonight will win. Check out all the prizes at the bottom on this post!
Check out the submissions we have so far and vote.

As most of you know, we just moved to Colorado about 6 weeks ago. For the past 12 years we have lived in Southern/hot climates where Fall was pretty much non-existent. So needless to say, we are LOVING the Fall here! Today has been super cold (cold for us warm blooded ex-Texans) but we are so happy. Here is what's going on at our house...

The leaves are changing...

Lyndon wore a HAT to school today!

And Halloween decorations are starting to come out in our house...

And perhaps my favorite part...Holiday baking! I made a pumpkin pie yesterday and without reservation I will admit to you that I ate half of it. all. by. myself. (Not all in one sitting, I finished the last piece for breakfast.)

What does Fall look like where you are?

Here are the cool prizes that the person with the most "likes" on pinterest will win each week:

- a complete set of my 3 ebooks: The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer, The Key to Natural Posing, The photo Essential Guide. Check it out here.

 - a $25 gift certificate to choose your very own Camera Coat. This thing is awesome! Check it out here

- a 3 month membership to Rock The Shot Forum. I love this forum, you will learn so much about photography and they give away free stuff all the time! Check it out here

 -a modern, fun, handmade camera strap. These straps are incredibly well made and incredibly cute! Check it out here.

I would love for you to spread the word! I excited to be able to help so many people.  Here is the code to put a button on your blog:

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I love that picture of Lyndon wearing his hat. :)

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