Don't miss out on life while you're trying to find the perfect setting!

8:44 AM
As a photographer and a Mom I have to be careful not to miss out of those special everyday moments because "the lighting wasn't right", or "the kids don't have on cute outfits", or "the setting isn't beautiful enough".

I admit, I have a hard time letting my photography skills and know-how take a back seat to just capturing the moment as it is, messy and all! Don't get me wrong, I always try and make the pictures look as good as possible but sometimes I find I have to let a few things go in order to just get the shot.

This last year has been pretty busy in regards to my photography business so my family blog has been poorly neglected. I used to try and always keep it updated with daily pictures of our family, funny stuff the kids did/said, and a record of what was happening in our family. I'm not very good at keeping a journal so this was my way of documenting our life. I plan to get the posts printed into a book so we can always have it to remember. I tell you this because when I was keeping up with our family blog I made sure to always snap daily pictures here and there. I documented our kids in all their stages...mess and all!  It's something that I really want to get back into again.

This week, as we are talking about kids, I want to share some of my kiddos, day in the life of pictures. They aren't all perfect...some are blurry, some are a weird color, etc... but because it showcases who my kids really are, they're perfect to me.

Of course I want you to have the skills and ability to take amazing pictures. But at the same time, I don't want you to forget to take those special, everyday pictures that we will always treasure.

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Palak said...

I love this post-- When I got my DSLR I was such a stickler for only using it on manual mode because I wanted to learn. I spend so much time fiddling with the settings! For the past few weeks I've been using it on program mode, and am really happy with the results.

Sandra Miller said...

love the everyday stuff.
it is what makes us real!
great post!

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