5 Helpful tips get BEAUTIFUL & NATURAL photos of your OWN kids!

11:12 AM
It's Photoberfest Week 3!

I really enjoyed seeing the photos you all submitted of your families. I especially loved that you were IN the picture. It's something you will treasure (and your kids will treasure) in the years to come.

This week, EVERYONE should be submitting a photo because it's all about our kids. Who doesn't have a million favorite pictures of your children? However, if you DON'T have lovely pictures of your kids, you're in luck...That's what we are talking about today...How to take pictures of your OWN kids that will show their own personality and that you will love. 

Before we get into that, I want to remind you that our call with Ashlee tomorrow is going to be fantastic. The topic is:
 Flowing Positive Energy to Others: How to flow positive energy to your children 
Don't we all need a little ump and positive direction in this area? I know I'm excited. 

The call is tomorrow at 12pm MST. Click here to sign up. As always, it's completely free. 

Okay, on to the subject of the day...

5 Ways to get LOVELY, SWEET, & NATURAL pictures of your OWN kids 
 It's one thing to get fantastic pictures of someone elses kiddos but it's a whole new ballgame trying to capture that perfect photo of your own kid(s). But it's totally possible. Just use these 5 tips to get you going...

1- Stop Nagging!
We all know we do it. We nag, nag, nag because we want to get the perfect smile, the perfect position and the perfect picture. But in reality all it does is annoy and frustrate our kids to the point that gaining a great picture and showing their true personalities is completely out of reach. 

Believe me when I say I was (and many times, still am) guilty of this. There are times that I just need that one good shot. I know exactly what I want it to look like so I start spouting out directions and orders, "stand like this, look here, no right over here, close your mouth a little, put your arm like this..." yada yada yada. You know the drill. 

We have to fight the urge to nag. Our pictures will be better for it.

2- Find something for them to do that is fun.
Kids love to be entertained and have something to do. Instead of just having them stand and look at you, get them excited about doing something. They don't have to being "doing" something the entire time but if you start out with something fun, their energy will be positive and they are more apt to help you out with the rest of the pictures. 

In these pictures I let them gather a bunch of leaves and throw them in the air on the count of 3. Obviously, I wanted other pictures besides them throwing leaves but this was a great way to start because it got them excited about the rest of the session. 

I also let Lyndon decide what to do next and he chose laying in the leaves...

3- Engage them in conversation.
When you interact and talk with them (about things other than how to look and stand) they will loosen up and be more themselves. In these pictures I basically just had them stand there without any talking on my part. You can see that the results aren't great...

This time I starting talking with them. Something like, "It's so pretty out here. Don't you love all the colors in the trees? Lyndon, give Maddie a big hug." And just like that, you'll get better results...

4- Don't force the look.
Like I said, many times I know the exact "look" I'm going for. But if I find myself barking out orders and not thinking of what my kids might might be thinking and feeling, I find that the picture ends up looking forced and unnatural. 

In the "before" photo I said something like, look here. right here in the camera." (click) But in the after picture I said something like, "You look so cute. I love that sweater on you." (wait for her to respond-click)

I used the same technique with Lyndon... (although, I have to admit, he is one photogenic kid so it's a lot easier to get more natural looking photos of him.)

5- Find great lighting.
I've said this many times, but it's worth repeating...Photography is all about capturing LIGHT. Your photos will be improved when you find good lighting. I love waiting for the sun to set. It produces a beautiful warm glow that really helps to bring drama and life to your photos. 

In most of these Fall pictures I used back lighting with the sun setting behind the tree. The I positioned the kids with the sun at their backs. You will want to expose off the the kids to where some of the background will be over exposed.  This ensures that your subject is properly exposed, which is the most important thing.
I also had them face the sun while they were in open shade to get a nice even tone. Here is a tutorial on how I get their eyes to sparkle.

I hope this helps! I know you can get those fun pictures you are looking for, it's just takes a little patience. (Maybe a lot of patience depending on your kids!) Now take some photos of your own and send them into the contest this week!

Click here for all the details about how to submit your photos and what you can win.


 And just because I like these pictures as well...you get a few more to preview. lucky you.

Yes, Maddie got glasses! We think she looks adorable...and more grown-up!

Happy Monday.
(NOTE: Want a step-by-step cheat sheet for crisper, colorful and eye catching pictures? Download the Key to Pictures Cheat and stop guessing on your camera’s manual settings.) landing-page


Amanda said...

gorgeous photos! :) thanks for the tips!!

Crystalyn said...

I love love love Maddie's new glasses! Both of your kids are so cute. :)

Offer KINDNESS. Choose GENEROSITY. Give LOVE! said...

Love your posts.
And you have such beautiful littles.
THOSE EYES. Oh my goodness.
So grateful to see their smiles. Thanks!

Roland de Groot said...

B-E-AU-TIFUL photos!!! Thanks for the tips!

Kelli said...

I love Maddie's glasses! I cried when Emma got glasses because I couldn't believe how mature and special she looked in them. Maddie is the same way. :)
Emma just got contacts last week and I cried again. ;)

Emily said...

Love these pictures!!!

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