Jackson the little cutie!

2:40 PM
I was lucky enough to take this cute couple's wedding pictures way back in 2010. And now they have a little cutie pie, Jackson! They joined us for our annual 4th of July BBQ this year so I couldn't resist grabbing some pictures of him...

 Photo stats:
All of these pictures were taken with my 50mm lens at an ISO of 500. We were inside without a ton of light coming in so I had my aperture way down at f/1.8 and with that was able to get a shutter speed ranging from 1/80th to 1/125th of a second.



Christian said...

Very beautiful photos. Even without all the light, you managed to capture beautiful light in the eyes!

andrea miller said...

Very nice photography, baby is looking so cute and cool in every picture. thanks for sharing this great photos with us.

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