I'm expecting!

10:51 AM
This summer has been busy with packing, moving, and traveling and on top of it all... we are going to have a baby! 

We're very excited. It's a girl and she is due October 22. (Maddie is SURE she's going to have brown hair.)

Maddie and Lyndon are thrilled. They're excited to have a little sister and talk about her all the time.

The pregnancy has been going really well. However, it's been 5 years since I've been pregnant and I forgot about things like:
-a constant sick feeling for the first 4 months (It's all over now though!!!)
-taking lots more trips to the bathroom
-how uncomfortable it is once she starts growing up into my rib cage
-my lack of energy
-and a constant shortness of breath!
(any advice on how to gain more energy or stop the shortness of breath?)

But the sweet miracles far outweigh all of the little annoyances. Miracles like:
-feeling her move
-letting Jonathon and the kids feel her move
-having a connection with her even before we meet
-and getting short glimpses of our future family of 5!

We are so blessed have her.

I was, of course, very excited when each of my kids were born but I have to admit with each of them came some worries. Because Maddie was our first she came with the worry of a new Mom. The worry that I don't know what I'm doing and am I doing this right. And then when Lyndon was born Maddie was only 18 months old so he came with the worry of do I have the stamina to do this and how am I going to be able to be a good Mom to 2 babies so close together.  

But with this baby I don't have any worries. I'm now a veteran Mom and Maddie and Lyndon will both be in school in the Fall. I'm excited to spend my days with her and not let fear or worry taint any part of that.

So be on the look out for LOTS and LOTS (did I mention LOTS?) of baby pictures soon to come. I'm afraid this little angel won't have a moment of her life that won't be documented. lucky little thing.

Also, stay tuned for all of our traveling pictures to come very shortly. This summer has been a whirl wind of events, people, and places and I've barely found time to sit sit down in front of my computer. But I've been slowly going through the pictures and I have lots I'm excited to share with you.

I hope you are also having a great summer! Are you taking lots of pictures?



lindsay said...

congrats!!!! long time lurker, first time poster here. ;0)

i too am expecting another little and am due october 23rd! this little dude will be little dude #2 and him and my first will be 18 months apart and i have a huge worry how i'm going to juggle this all!

congrats again and can't wait to follow your journey :)

Kat M said...


Palak said...

Congrat's!!! My two are 16 months apart, and posts like these give me hope that I will one day have energy for another.

Irina said...

Congratulations Katie! you're so right about the worries when you have a second one!
I just had mine 2 months ago and it's fantastic (but exhausting...).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting! I'm sure its been hard with moving and traveling while being pregnant! I can only imagine! As far as energy goes vitamin B12 is great. You may check your prenatal vitamins as it may already be in there or ask your doc. Of course try and get plenty of rest when you're able! Wish I would have been a more seasoned photographer with my two kids. We only got "lovely" point and shoot photos with them. Can't wait to see your shots!

Ashley said...

Congratulations! Very excited for you and your family and can't wait to see all the great baby pictures!

calamein said...

You are looking so cute! Wish I could see that baby of yours in person but thank goodness for your blog!

Roxanne O'Brien said...

Congrats to your upcoming addition to your beautiful family! I am looking forward to seeing all the new photos :)

Cheryl McCain said...

Congratulations Katie! I'll look forward to seeing photos of your family of five!

Michelle said...

Congrats! That is amazing! When my husband and I talk about #3, we too talk about a 5 year difference between #2 and #3. I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading up on the new addition to the family.

Katie Evans Photography said...

Lindsay and Palek...18 months between Maddie and Lyndon was definitely challenging at times but seeing what great friends they are, I wouldn't change it. Actually, if we have a 4th child we are even thinking about having them fairly close like Maddie and Lyndon. But just remember, life gets easier and easier each and every month. You have lots to look forward to!

tmelrose- thanks for teh heads up about the b12 vitamin. I'm going to look at my vitamins and see what's actually in there!

Thanks you to everyone for all the well wishes!

Plus One Wee Bean's Mumma said...

i just discovered your blog and am so in love with your real, simple, honest posts.
thank you!
i'm an aspiring photographer and your tips are way way awesome.
big love!!

Meghan said...

Congratulations :) You look beautiful. That's nice to know that perhaps by kiddo number three there will be no worries :)

Jessica Kok said...

Congrats. There are 5 years between my youngest 2 as well and it has been so wonderful. It's such a different kind of enjoyment to go back to the baby stage after having a little break. Little Eloise brings out the best in her older brother and sister. It's so fun to see them love her.

dana said...

aw. there you are! prego belly. Really, really cute. YOu're adorable!

dana said...

ps. that sunset shot is amazing. wow

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