My own little Ironman

3:48 PM

Our little baby is turning 5 next week! Where has the time gone? The first 5 years has gone by so fast I can't image how fast the next 5 will go.

He's having an Ironman themed party. It's his first actual birthday party. And because I like to keep things simple and easy...we are having it at McDonalds where the kids can play, have fun, be LOUD, eat, celebrate, and not die of heat-stroke....all without destroying our house. :)

love it,

By the way, Jon (my hubby) transformed Lyndon into Ironman in Photoshop CS3 by masking out Robert's face and inserting Lyndon's. Jon is my go-to man if I ever have Photoshop questions.

Happy Friday, I hope you have a BLAST!

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calamein said...

Just heartattacks!!! Would love to join u! Day and time please!

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