Day 12 - Your Kids Sleeping

8:55 PM

 Day 12 - Of the the 25 Days to document your life in photos is to take pictures of your kids sleeping. Now I don't know about you but I think sleeping kids are so sweet. It's like their innocence and cuteness just oozes out of them.

So I've tried to take advantage of snapping some pictures when I get the opportunity. One thing that's tough about getting good shots while their sleeping is the fact that it's night time and the lack of light is a real bummer. That's why I took advantage of taking pictures of sweet Lyndon, a couple of years ago, when he feel asleep during the day because he wasn't feeling very well.

The only sleeping pictures I've taken of Maddie have been just quick snap shots, nothing too fancy. But I'm so glad I have these pictures. It helps me always remember what they look like as my sweet sleeping little angels.

I'm off the Las Vegas tomorrow to teach my photography workshop! My Mom is flying in from Idaho to meet me so we can spend the weekend together and we're staying with my Aunt Debbie, my Mom's sister. It's sure to be a great weekend! I'm excited to meet all of you ladies in Vegas!! The workshop is sold out and I only have 2 seats open for the San Antonio workshop in April. See you soon...

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Hirsita Dixit said...

Great Captures.....Gorgeous little fellow & I love this Post..Thanks for sharing
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