It's love day...almost.

10:01 AM

Who better to show some love to on this special love day than your sibling(s)? I wonder when the day will come that Maddie and Lyndon won't give each other kisses anymore? But even when that day arrives I know that they will still love each other. They have a special sibling bond that I'm so grateful to say I get to share with my own siblings.

So even if you don't have a sweetheart to share Valentine's Day with this year, why not let the other special people in your life know that you love them? After all, it is LOVE DAY!

*FYI: I got Maddie's shoes at Target for 50% off (score) and I made their heart shirts using Dana's freezer paper stencil tutorial found here.  btw, If any of you know Dana (from MADE), she had her baby on Thursday and she is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I got to see her AND take some pictures. lucky me.


Amy said...

darling pictures! My kids love wearing mustaches, we buy them at the dollar store all the time. In fact, my 5 year old thinks they are called mud-staches! Ha, thanks for sharing.

dana said...

oh these are so cute!!
Love the outfits and photos!

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