An orginal Christmas Gift

9:42 PM
Christmas is only 4 weeks away! have you done all of your Christmas shopping? If you're like me there is always a couple people on your Christmas list that are REALLY hard to shop for. You know the kind...they either have everything or end up buying what they want throughout the year.'re in luck...I have a great Christmas gift idea for you!

For Maddie's birthday she received the coolest present ever from her uncle Ben, the artist. Maddie and Lyndon LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas. So as a gift for Maddie, Ben drew a picture of Maddie, Lyndon and Charlie (our dog) as characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas! Here's the picture:

Seriously, how cool is that?

Ben can draw pretty much anything. All you have to do is send him a picture of the person you want him to draw (try to send some of the expressions that you're looking for as well) and let him know who you want in the picture with them. Do you want Batman, Santa, Phineas & Ferb...?

Email Ben at for a quote. Once he's finished he will simply email the file to you and you can print it at your favorite printing company.

Here's a few more picture that Ben drew:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a calm Black Friday!

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organizedchaos said...

I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Nightmare fan!!!! My kids and my husband are as well. Do you have an idea of the size of the piece he can draw and how much it is? This would be a great family gift for Christmas :)

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