Halloween 2011

5:08 PM

I would like to introduce...
Maddie as "A poodle skirt girl" as she calls it. 
And Lyndon as "Alvin the Chipmunk".

A huge thanks to my Mom for making their costumes last minute just days before leaving on their cruise! And still having time to ship it all the way from Idaho. Thank you, thank you, Mom.

Lyndon has worn his costume every day since it came in the mail. We told him the only rule was that he had to put on PJ's to sleep in. He was happy. As Maddie was getting ready in her costume yesterday she says to me, "Mom, now when were poodle skirts popular? The 90's?" hahaha.

He was especially pleased with his tail.

We also had a great time trick-or-treating with some friends. You'll notice that Maddie isn't seen in any of the pictures where they are actually trick-or-treating because as she put it last night, "I'm just way too tired." So yeah, she didn't get any candy the entire evening. Whereas Lyndon was over flowing with energy and ran from house to house.

Charlie got in on the festivities as well. He even got a dog treat at one of the houses.

the end.

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Erica M. said...

Great pictures!

Shay said...

Of course both costumes are just adorable, but Alvin was an amazing idea! So cute!

dana said...

okay, somehow I missed a whole bunch of your posts. Cute costumes! The Alvin is so great. haha.
Off to find your Chicago pics... :)

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