Halloween Photography Tips by "Click it Up a Notch"

7:19 AM
I have an awesome guest today...I'm so excited to present Courtney from Click it Up a Notch. Courtney is a superb teacher when it comes to everything about photography. Be sure to check out her site as it is a wealth of information. Now on to her halloween photography advice...

Halloween is one of those holidays that must be photographed.  How could you not capture your sweet little one in their witch, Spiderman, or monkey costume?  

Have a trial run.  I don't know about you but I'm always super busy on the day of Halloween.  There's pumpkin carving, cookie baking,  not to mention running around like a crazy person trying to get them in their costumes and out the door while there is still time to trick or treat.  Why not save yourself the headache of also making them pose for pictures by getting them dressed a couple of days before?  You remove all the pressure of the fight against the clock and they will love getting to wear their costume again.  

Take the traditional shot and move on.  Of course, you need to capture the shot of your kiddos on the front step starring at you with the "please get this over with" look.  Snap a couple and move on.  Don't forget to ask them to act like their costume for a shot.

Capture the details.  There are so many details on the day of Halloween.  
- Details of their costume
- Small hands doing anything: carving pumpkin, holding trick or treat bag, accepting candy, holding hands with siblings
- Bowl full of candy
- Glowing pumpkins
- The possibilities are endless

Get behind them.  Be sure to capture them walking down the street and to the door.  They may surprise you by holding hands, looking back at the camera for a reassuring look, or to let you know how excited they are.

Choose 3 different angles.  To avoid all your photos from looking like snap shots then move around.  Take some above, below, to the side, close up, or far away.

Think outside the box.  What are some fun and different ways you can capture them in their costumes?  I just love this image by Juli at (A)musing Journey (link: http://julijourney.blogspot.com/)  She has some silhouettes of her girls but wanted some fun festive ones for the holidays.  Love it!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Thank you, Amy! Okay, I hope you are all more inspired to get out there and take some pictures!! I know I am. In order to get more of your actual Halloween day pictures I'm extending the contest until November 1st. So hopefully you can use these tips on Halloween day!
(NOTE: Want a step-by-step cheat sheet for crisper, colorful and eye catching pictures? Download the Key to Pictures Cheat and stop guessing on your camera’s manual settings.) landing-page


Ashley Sisk said...

Great tips - now if I only I had some kids to photograph. :)

Amber said...

Thanks Courtney! I will keep all of the tips in mind while chasing Bennett down the street.

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