Food Photography Round-Up

6:15 AM
Are you constantly looking at food from a photographer's perspective these days? I know I am. Here's a picture from lunch...

Fresh salsa and homemade tortilla chips. yum.

So far, there's been quite a few food entries! I love seeing your different styles and view points. AND I get hungry every time you guys send me another entry to pin. :) 

Here's an idea if you don't have a blog to post your entry on...upload your entries to snapfish and then send me an email to "share" your photos. I had one girl do that today and it worked great. But I'm still happy to accept your entries through my email address and well.

To give you some more inspiration here are some of my favorite food pics I rounded up from pinterest:

(No credit info available on pinterest.)
I'm a huge fan of symmetry and color so this picture yells out to me.
How darling is this table set-up? And the coloring give it a neat feel. 

Brilliant idea. And the photo is so striking as well, crisp and fresh. I think I was drawn to this one also because I'm a huge caramel apple fan. Sometime I will have to tell you the story about Disney World, a caramel apple and my Father-in-law.

I seriously want to sink my teeth into this roll. The photographer did an awesome job with making this look extremely appetizing. The coloring is right on.

I'm a huge fan of packaging. If something is wrapped up all creative and cute, that's it, I'm a goner. Staionary that is probably worth about $2 packaged in the cutest tin you've ever seen selling for $25? sold. That is why I love this picture. That lemon bread has probably never tasted so good merely because it's wrapped up in adorable yellow twine with a little tag that says, "lemon loaf".

I thought this was just a fun, out-of-the box idea! Obviously you wouldn't normally see cupcakes hanging from a tree (perhaps in my dreamworld) but it makes the picture so intriguing. Why are they there? Is someone going to eat them off the strings? I don't know...but I'm intrigued. :)

Again with the symmetry. It really appeals to me. I also like the view point the photographer took to really give us a good idea about how cool these look all lined up together. The colors work perfectly together. 

(No credit info available on pinterest.)

I do love me a good donut. And these look pretty tasty. I think if Homer were here he would get one. :) It also looks like the photographer used a lensbaby to create that cool blurry effect around the edges.

And last but not least, I like how the photographer set up the table for this picture. It makes the photo look inviting like you're ready to sit down and have brunch. The coloring is also spot on.

I don't know if you've noticed but have you caught on to a theme? This was completely unintentional but obviously I have desserts on the brain! Every single picture is a sweet treat. I hope you have been inspired to go and take your own pictures of food.

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To vote on the submissions click here.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you!


Sandrine said...

Thanks for sharing some inspirations Katie.I really LOVE those toffee apples so beautiful and original! x

dana said...

oh those green cake pops are gorgeous. Love it.
and there's your salsa. mmmmm. yummy

Wag Doll said...

Wow these are some fabulous photos there, I'm hungry now!

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