What this weekend was for me...

9:02 PM
If you glance through these pictures you won't be able to miss what this weekend was for me. I can sum it up in pretty much one word...food! But what this weekend was also about that you don't see in these pictures is...friends.

My family and I were able to travel to Houston, (specifically Katy) TX to stay with some very good friends and attend their wedding open house. The weekend was filled with great conversations, catching up, swimming and a movie for the kids while we got ready for the open house, and of course, good food. :)

***Photography Tip***
When I take a picture, I will mostly likely "enhance" that picture in Lightroom. A little extra color, or contrast or whatever I feel will make that photo pop. However, when I take pictures of food, I will rarely edit it, except for cropping it, of course.

 The reason being is that when it comes to food, just a little boost or nudge in the editing process can really cause the food to look unnatural and not so appetizing. So for me, as a rule, I try to leave my food pictures looking as natural as possible. 

I'm thinking of doing a "food photography" post this week so I can give you some hints and tips. ..stay tuned. :)

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