I'm feeling it.

7:13 AM
This week I've felt not so creative or motivated. I can't quite seem to get my groove on. Do you ever have days/weeks/months like that? I'm not really sure where it all stemmed from. Everyday this week I would think to myself, I should take some pictures and do a blog post and everyday would come and go with me feeling not so inspired. I should have read my own quotes from last week, huh? :)

One reason that I just can't seem to get motivated to go out and take pictures is because it is still TOO DARN HOT to go outside and be comfortable. I know, I know I shouldn't complain so much but c'mon! This weather has really gotta let up. Am I crazy that I want to crank up our a/c just so I can wear a sweater and eat a cozy bowl of chowder?

One thing that helps gets me out of a funk is to listen to music. You know, the good kind that you want to turn up really loud in your car. Or watch funny or inspiring youtube videos like this one I watched today. It made me smile all day. Or look at pictures that make you happy.

So go ahead, if you are craving some cooler weather (or if you just need a good ol' pick-me-up), turn-up YOUR a/c and warm-up to a nice cup of hot chocolate while you look at these pictures and listen to your favorite songs. ...it will be a perfect start to a great weekend.

Lyndon LOVES to go to the Dollar store to pick out a prize. During our latest trip there his first choice was an air-horn (which I immediately vetoed due to the fact that he makes enough noise without the aid of an air-horn). And so he settled on this bee mask. He has been wearing it non stop. He certainly makes me smile.

***Photography Tip***
To capture truly great and inspiring pictures you not only need to focus on great lighting, the location and getting your camera settings all correct but you must also focus on setting the mood. Photography is about capturing emotion. If your subject or even you are in a bad mood or not feeling "on" that can carry over into your pictures. So if you happen to be feeling less that yourself on a day you will be taking pictures, try some of your favorite techniques to cheer you up (or cheer your subject up) and lighten the mood.

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Wag Doll said...

Good advice, and applies to most creative arts, I never sew when I'm down or feeling sad, it invariably goes wrong and puts me in a worse mood LOL! x

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