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10:12 AM
Crayons, glue, pencils, paper, lunch boxes, back packs, shot records, new beginnings, lost playmates...these are a few of the words that have been floating around our house for he past few weeks. As I mentioned in an earlier post our first baby, Maddie, is headed off to kindergarten in just 3 short days.
(ISO 400, 85mm, f/4.5, 1/60th)

To help Maddie (and her little bro, Lyndon) get a grasp on how many days until school starts we made these fun little countdowns. We simply took an egg carton, cut off the top and the sides, filled it with some little candies, and then glued tissue paper on the top. So each day they can poke their little fingers in the top and pull out their candy as they countdown to the first day of school.
(ISO 400, 85mm, f/2.2, 1/125th)

(ISO 400, 85mm, f/2.2, 1/125th)

It's a countdown for me as well...a countdown to the day that I have to get to wake up early (as of right now 8am is early in this house!). It's a countdown to the day that I have to get to be at a certain place at a certain time 5 days a week. It's a countdown to the day my little buddy leaves me meets new friends and starts new adventures.

I have mixed emotions, but one thing I do know for sure it that she will have so much fun and be so happy and that's all I really care about anyway.

***Photography Tip***
When taking pictures of smaller objects like the pictures I took of the school supplies and the countdowns, I like to put them on a large piece of white foam board in order to bring in as much light as possible. Because as you know, the more light, the faster your shutter speed and then faster your shutter speed the less camera shake and the less camera shake the sharper your pictures will be. (phew, did you catch all that? It's super important so read it until it clicks. If you need more of an explanation, read my book as I explain all of this in detail). 

I talk about using white foam boards in this post. Not only does it help you to bring in more light, it also helps to keep your photo simple, clean and uncluttered. 


dana said...

Cute! Love the countdown idea.

Christian said...

Good foam board tip! Off to the craft store I go!!

Kayla said...

I love the countdown idea!

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