Downtown San Antonio

4:00 PM
My family and I got to spend some time in San Antonio recently. We stayed in a condo right downtown so I was able to take some fun city skyline pictures. These pictures were taken on top of the condo we were staying in. We were swimming midday which can often times be problematic when trying to get good pictures because the sun is so harsh. But I'm able to still capture a great picture by making sure I don't over expose the picture causing too many of the details to be lost and then deepening the colors and giving it that "pop" in the editing process.

Before (ISO 100, 30mm, f/7.1, 1/160th):


For this picture and the ones following this is the general editing process I performed in Lightroom:
1) Applied the preset called: Color Creative - Direct Positive
2) Increased the Highlight Recovery to +100
3) Increased the Clarity to +42


Sophie said...

wow, those colours really pop!

Shalon said...

thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

They turned out beautiful! My hubs and I visited San Antonio last Summer and took so many fun pics on the River Walk. I'm still pining for a DSLR camera though!
Found you and your lovely blog from Lil Luna...and I'm entering your awesome giveaway for when I do take the plunge into DSLR! :)

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