The heat is on

10:58 PM
The Texas heat is upon us!! Ugh. But we've still been enjoying some time outside. (I'm one of those people that is never outside in the heat of the summer unless I'm in the pool. I seriously melt.) But the weather was kind to us on Thursday and we spent the day at the Waco Zoo with some of our favorite friends. This Zoo was so kid-friendly! We loved it.

The weather wasn't quite as nice for our BBQ on Friday evening. It was pretty hot and sticky but the company was so great it didn't even matter. Besides, with cupcakes like these our attention was elsewhere!

Lydon and Lucy always seem to find a little reflection time together! I'm pretty sure it all started at the beach last Fall. I think it's so adorable. Actually Lyndon has announced that Lucy is his gulfriend (that's how he pronounces it) because they both like the color yellow. Yep, that's all it takes apparently.

This picture of Maddie made me laugh out loud. (Or lol, for you texters :) )
She was running the whole evening so her hair is all crazy and she is so tired. Almost so tired she wasn't able to get that cupcake all the way to her mouth!

One of my favorite pictures of the evening...

What do YOU do to stay out of the summer time heat? (You're probably not as wimpy as me!)


jennifer said...

I live in Florida and know what you mean about the heat. I am not sure if you have the humidity that we have, but it makes it just as hot in the shade as in the sun. We will just stay in side and play. My little guy is only 15months and bald, so the sun is not our friend :)

Heidi said...

Here in Houston...we jump in our pool we put in the backyard!
But my favorite spot is our hammock under our big trees!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I just discovered it.. Bless your kids, so cute!


Katie said...

We absolutely LOVE the Waco zoo! I love going in the summer when their water pad is turned on and the kids can get soaked. I always take a million pictures when I got there and only a handful of them end up being on animals. We just moved from Texas to California and I am Texas homesick. :(

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