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Both of our kids are at such a fun age. Maddie is 5 and Lyndon will be 4 on Sunday. They get excited about little things. Just a trip to the grocery store can turn into a fun adventure for them. I've been so fortunate to be able to stay at home with them. I definetely have my crazy moments but all in all it's such a pleasure to be with them and plan my day with them in mind. Ever since they were little I would almost daily take them out somewhere in the community whether it be the library, Target, swimming or the park. It kind of feels like our day isn't quite complete until we go somewhere. Do you ever feel like that?

One of the reasons I'm so grateful for my photography is because I've been able to capture all of our families sweet, crazy and memorable moments. It hit me the other day that our kids will only be small for such a short time. I will only get to go on these fun adventures with them for just a short while. And then they'll be all gown up going on adventures with their own kids. So it's important for me to have a way of remembering these little parts of life that make so happy. (It's also a good reminder of what great kids they really are when their being little stinkers. :) )

On Saturday my husband had a band over at our house recording a few songs. (He's a musician and sound engineer. Click here to listen to his latest album. It's pretty great if I do say so myself.) If you've ever been anywhere near a band...you know how LOUD it can get so the kids and I decided to head out and make it an "out and about" day. I took along my camera to document our venture.

I processed all the pictures in Lightroom and put a preset called, "Ultimate Fighter (Strong)" on each of the images. I feel like it gives it a bit of a nostalgic feel. ("Presets" in Lightroom are just like "Actions" in Photoshop. This particular preset was free from this website. He has great tips and great free presets. I give more explanation about presets in my photo ebook.)

Our day started out with a trip to Round Rock Donuts. These little devils, uh donuts, (yes, they're evil.) are soooo yummy. Think soft and fluffy like Krispie Kreme but with more substance and flavor. They're pretty famous too. They've been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel. The only problem is (beside being addicting and calorie packed) it's usually jam packed with people. Especially on a Saturday morning. The drive-thru line was wrapped down the block and the line inside was coming out the door. But let me just say, they are worth the wait!

This is while we're waiting in line. This is classic Maddie, "I don't want my picture taken" face.

It doesn't last too long though. :)

I love this picture. This is Maddie thinking she's being all sly and Lyndon knowing (and loving) exactly what Maddie is about to do.

And there it is...Moose antlers.

It's so fun Lyndon has to do it to himself.

We were headed to gymnastics and didn't have enough time to eat our donuts there so we just had to eat them in the car on the way over.

Both Maddie and Lyndon always get the same kind of donut...Chocolate eclair. Maddie wanted me to take a picture of the creamy middle.

Classic Lyndon with a little bit of frosting on his face and everything. :)
(I've always tried to capture their many expressions throughout their lives.)

Heading into the rec center for gymnastics...

Maddie and Lyndon are patiently waiting until they can go into their classroom. They love gym!
(I like to take pictures of the things they do that make me smile. For some reason, this is one of them.)

It's almost like the kids are little fishes in a bowl because all the parents sit at the windows looking in.

This is why it looks a little hazy...these metals cris crosses.

Lyndon is a text book charmer. He actually kind of fascinates me. I've always been a "rule follower". If my teacher said, "sit" I sat. If I was told something, I listened. Maddie is exactly the same way. Lyndon, on the other hand, is CONSTANTLY pushing the limits. But he does it with such charm and charisma that his teacher doesn't even seem to notice. ...Not quite sure how that's going to play out when he gets in school but it's pretty interesting to watch. :)

Gotta love Texas, right?

It's only 12:30 so we have some time to kill. What's a day out without stopping by Target? And we definitely have to get popcorn and a drink while we shop.

While I'm helping Maddie try on some shoes Lyndon has found some of his own. His "pirate boots" as he called them. Here he is trying them out by doing the crab walk.

I've spent many hours in the Toy Department at Target. We have to hit the boy isles and the girl isles. Lyndon love super heroes.

But he also loves princesses. Cinderella to be exact.

Maddie LOVES princesses.

Time for lunch...Jason's Deli. One of our favorites. My husband doesn't love it so we go when he has to work. It's tasty, fresh and kid friendly.

One thing we love is the complimentary muffins and crackers.

AND the complimentary ice cream cones are a great end to the meal.

Maddie told me it was important to document me as well. So she took my picture. Not sure what I'm looking at or what my expression is all about but there ya go. I was there too!

Last but not least we stopped at Barnes and Noble. My kids love the kid section. Lyndon always seems to find this puzzle to play with.

It's so cool that they have all the Thomas the Train stuff set up to play with.

This is typical Maddie when she reads a book...she pulls her hair up while she reads.

We read a few stories while we were there too. Olivia is one of our favorites.

While we were in Barnes and Noble my husband called to say he was all done.
The kids were all done too...

Phew! What a day. But now I will always have these pictures to remember this day in the Life of Maddie and Lyndon.

What do you like doing with your kids that you never want to forget?


Missy said...

So fun!!! I have been hearing about the popcorn thing at Target. I have never done that with my children. Maybe I should. I keep hearing about the photoediting program you use but can't find it. Where can you get it? I have been using Picnik and love the presets and Photoshop, I only use to add my watermark.
I love letting my boys just run, play and have fun, like kids should.

Farmgirl Paints said...

donuts, muffins and ice cream all in one post!!! you're killing me. i loved her pouty face pose...too cute!

Alicia said...

great photos! not that i'm surprised :) but thanks...not i've got a HUGE craving for a Long John donut!!

Drea said...

your kids are adorable!! you are a great photographer too.


Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Seriously cute kids!

And heck yeah, God bless Texas!!!


Stephanie said...

We LOVE Jason's Deli! {and eclairs..YUM}

Jeannette said...

I love this! I have a visit with my son in a few weeks and I always want to create lasting memories (in the mind) when we go out to do things since I don't see him as often because I am in Alaska and he is in Florida. How great to stumble upon this at this time! I am so excited!

General Disarray said...

Loved this post! Totally inspired me to capture a day in the life of my 8 month old :)

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