Balloons and Cupcakes...what more could a kid ask for?

9:12 PM
I took Maddie and Lyndon out for a fun little photo shoot because I need a few more pictures for my book that I've been working on. Have I mentioned I'm writing a photography book? Well, I am! It's been in the works for a while now but I'm finally buckling down now that I've given myself a deadline of April 1st. It's turning out great. I'm really excited to be able to share it. It's geared toward the beginner photographer. I know so many women (and a few men!) who have recently bought digital slr cameras but are at a loss at how to use them to their full potential. So that's where I come one stop shop to learn all about photography. I've include everything from what kind of gear I use and why to how to find the best light and even how to edit your pictures. I'm including tons of pictures to help the learning process even more. So remember---April 1st--check back and keep me accountable! :)

In the mean time, enjoy a few pictures these two rascals...


Kristen Duke Photography said...

so fun! i love the balloons!

dana said...

Oh Katie. These are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

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