6:24 PM
Back a couple years ago this beautiful family was actually my very first paying customers...ever! I remember I was so nervous for their photo session! What if they didn't turn out? What if I couldn't get them to look natural? What if...what if... But now I can look back and say what a GREAT family I had to start with. The Bullocks are some of the most genuine people I know. They are warm, kind and so easy to be around. Our sessions are always a lot of fun and the love they have for each other always just shines through. I look forward to capturing many more memories for this adorable family!


Amy said...

My fave is the one where you can see their shadows. I love the light coming through the trees.

Cristiane Evans said...

2nd picture looks like they're in an enchanted forest!

Karen said...

My fav is the last one with the car.

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